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Music Crazy


Fresh Finess

D inah's Midi Connection

The Midi Farm

Grafx Gallery

Dav e's midis for WebTV

Terri's Treasure Chest

Laura's Midi Heaven
over 10,000 midi files

Vie tnam Veterans War-Stories
over 1400 midis from the 60's and 70's

Jimmy Buffett midi collection

More Jimmy Buffett

Florida and More

Jimmy Buffett again

A Large collection of midi sites

Ji m's Midi's to go
Elvis and more

Midi Haven - Pop, Rock, and Misc.

Ragtime Press

The Midi Page

Rockand Country midis

Elvis Midi Page

Kit 's World of Midis

Mall Moma's Midi Melodies

Traditional Irish Tunes

Yanni MIDI Files

Olson's Sailing Songs

Midi Songs on the net
jazz and bosa nova

All That Jazz
-- over 80 "classic jazz" MIDI --
no Kenny G stuff -- the real thing

Josef Huber
Music,Jazz, Midis

more jazz midi selections, well over 150

And Then Some
about 120 selections of contemporary
rock, pop, and club music

Devian's homepage of jazz

Cowtown MIDI archive
not gone new addy!

Smick and Smodoo's World
some golden oldies

Audio resources
Paul Erikson's Music page

Oldies Jukebox 1

Midi Country

Midi Warehouse
a well organized site

A Red Hot Karoke Page
jazz site

Mus ic Room

Mad Dog's Midi Man Music
organized by artist

K ey Trax productions

Index of Midis

Suflower's Jukebox

Music! Music! Music!
links to several more sites
with everything from oldies to rap

JoeRock & Explorer's Midi House
a good-sized collection of disco, house,
dance, and club-music

Deb's MIDIs
mostly 90's alternative rock
a very well-organized site

The Shout House Server
everything from rap to reggae, flamenco to
patriotic anthems -- nice search engine feature

SuperSaint's Sounds
about 140 selections,
all in "zip" format. Excellent sound quality
50's thru 90's rock and pop music

S ites and Sound Links
indexed by type of music

Alternitive Midi Palace

The Alternative Midi Showcase

Franks Music Links
an assortment, some karoke

Mikes Midi Music Song List

L u Ann's Favorite Midis

Carolin e's Midis
listed by artist

abcoates midi site

Momma's Basement Bash
Motown Sounds

Bob Shannon's midi files
oldies & beatles


D on Caroll's midi-riff-bulgepage

MINING CO. country music links

TOM MY'S MIDI PAGE100's more midi links

B &J's midis of the '20's and '30's

King's X 70's Sound Machine

tweety's music/sounds


Its a start, but I am sure we can find more
send any new ones to Sharky
(titles and descriptions appreciated)

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Thanks for the idea and collecting all these sites
goes to the posters in the Webtv newsgroups
programming.html and n2play, you're the best!

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webtvtools, wavs and just for fun

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